Our Approach

Crawford seeks to create long-term value for our partners through the following:

Eclectic Long Portfolio

  • Focused on underfollowed, undiscovered or out-of-favor securities, with an emphasis on owner-operated companies
  • Seek companies where management’s incentives vis-à-vis ownership and compensation are aligned with ours

Innovative Short Strategy

  • Focused on only two core shorting strategies, each attempting to isolate companies most likely to fail, namely:
    • Young companies with unproven business models
    • Leveraged equities facing potential distress over the next 24 months
  • Primarily executed using hand-selected, single-name put options

Style is an Artifact and Horizon is Long

  • Multi-style approach ranging from growth companies to deep value and special situations
  • Investment horizon often extends years rather than months, further expanding the opportunity set and requiring fewer investment decisions

Crawford’s Multi-faceted Edge:  Team + Universe + Approach + Horizon

Cohesive, Battle-tested and Pedigreed Team

Our team shares proven synergies and a shared value system. We are seasoned investors who have helped to add alpha and preserve capital through two bear markets and numerous downside events.

Differentiated Long Universe

Rather than a sector, geographic, market-cap, or style focus, Crawford seeks specific investment characteristics, including strong incentive-alignment with company management.  This leads us to an eclectic universe of long ideas, often stocks with little Wall Street coverage.

Alpha-driven Shorts with Downside Protection

An innovative but conservative approach to shorting primarily via single-name put options, and only secondarily via cash equity shorts, allows us to seek value in hard-to-access areas of the market.

Longer-term Horizon

We evaluate opportunities on a multi-year basis rather than adopt a reactive trading mentality.