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CNBC Interview of Chris Crawford, November 20, 2023

Chris Crawford talks with Street Signs hosts Tanvir Gill and Will Koulouris about a variety of current investing topics and ideas, including the economy, rates, geopolitics, the “Magnificent 7”, AI, small caps versus large caps.

Chris Crawford on the Culture Needed for Investment Outperformance

Investing is like baseball: you don’t get a hit every time you swing. Chris Crawford explains why a successful organization needs a culture that can learn from its mistakes and accept that investing involves a certain error rate.

Crawford’s Systematic Process and Position-sizing

Chris Crawford describes the systemic process the Firm uses to identify opportunities and manage risk.

The Difficulty Predicting Macroeconomic Variables

Investors often focus on macro trends and overlook the micro analysis. Chris Crawford explains why he prefers to start with a bottom-up analysis before considering the current environment.

Pragmatic is Better than Dogmatic

Sticking to point of view at all costs is a recipe for poor results. Even if the available evidence supports an investment decision, Chris Crawford believes investors need to be pragmatic and be willing to retreat from a position temporarily while waiting for a specific outcome to happen.

Internet Bubble Contrarianism

Chris Crawford explains why you can’t expect to play the same game the market is playing and expect superior results.

As a Contrarian, “What” is Easier than “When”

It is easier to predict what will happen than when. Chris Crawford explains how the firm structures its contrarian positions to manage risk.

The Merits of Various Hedging Strategies

There are many ways to hedge a portfolio, but Chris Crawford’s preferred approach is offensive hedging, a system that shorts companies where conditions exist to cause its share price to decline.

Comprehensive Interview on Background and Philosophy

The key to being a successful investor is to only swing at your strengths. Chris Crawford talks about his strengths and the types of investments he likes to pursue.

Newalpha announces a strategic partnership with Boston-based Crawford Fund Management

NewAlpha Asset Management announces a strategic partnership with Crawford to help accelerate the Firm’s growth.